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1. This website is primarily a website that presents links to other Catholic websites on the internet.  The content provided at Romancatholicweb.com reflects a sampling of the webmaster's favorite links and prayers. There is really no original content at Romancatholicweb.com except for the arrangement of the website, links, the presentation of the seasonal art and the arrangement of its online prayer rooms.

2. External and internal links are mixed at Romancatholicweb.com.  Links that do not have the root address of Romancatholicweb.com are all links leading to external websites.  Romancatholicweb.com has no control over the content external websites provide nor does Romancatholicweb.com provide their privacy policies. By clicking on those links you visit those websites at your own judgment and risk. Please find their privacy policies to know what their privacy policies are.

3. COOKIES Romancatholicweb.com does not use "cookies" on any of its web pages. External links you visit from Romancatholicweb.com might use cookies.

4. This website does not ask for personal information from its visitors.

5. Some functions at this website may be removed at anytime due to technical difficulties or by the webmaster's choice to remove them.

6. Romancatholicweb.com programs its links to open up in a new internet browser window in most cases to avoid having to accidentally or unintentionally leave Romancatholicweb.com.  This helps keep the Eternal Word Television Network's television channel player operational while you visit other links listed at this site.

7. The Blessed Sacrament link comes from Savior.org.

8. The LIVE Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) television feeds come from EWTN.com.  The prayer rooms' audio prayers come from EWTN as well.  This website plays a LIVE feed of EWTN at the entrance of this website.  If you can't afford to go over your daily or monthly internet bandwidth, simply click on the OFF button to keep the website from playing the Catholic channel.  To view other Catholic television channels, click on each channel under the player.  Channel "S" is a schedule of EWTN's programming for the month.  Channel "R1 and R2" are EWTN radio stations.

9. Vatican television channel "V" and radio station "VR" come from Vatican.va. 

10. The Christian symbols fonts that are seen at various times and on the St. Bridget prayers are by Fonts of Afrika. 

11. The online books and works by the Saints come from various authors who have made those writings available on their websites. The source of the links at Romancatholicweb.com can be found in the root address of each of the webpages' internet addresses. The underlined words in the following example represent the root of an internet address.  Example: vatican.va

12. The display of the various websites' content at Romancatholicweb.com does not in anyway suggest that the owners, webmasters or the websites linked here at Romancatholicweb.com endorse Romancatholicweb.com or this website's use of its work.

13. Romancatholicweb.com thanks and prays for all of the organizations that provide such blessed work for the glory of God and for the help of His children.   May God continue to bless them with the vision and inspiration to provide the best in Christian programming and information.

14. There is no advertising at Romancatholicweb.com and donations are never solicited or accepted from this website's internet address.  If anyone solicits you for information or money to help Romancatholicweb.com to stay online, it does not come from Romancatholicweb.com.   As a courtesy and necessity to EWTN, a donation button that leads to their donation page is placed under the television player on the homepage of Romancatholicweb.com to help EWTN keep their online video feeds going.   The websites linked here might, on their web pages, contain links to donate to them.  They provide donation links on their web pages to help them continue their religious apostolate.  It is up to your judgment if you decide to make a donation to their cause.

15.   By sending an email to the webmaster of Romancatholicweb.com you understand that he will be able to see your email address and message and may delete it immediately upon receiving it without a response to the sender or keep the email on his computer for as long as it takes to reply to the sender at a time of his choosing.  The email address you send will never be passed on to another visitor to this website or any other third party unless of course it is an unlawful email that needs to be reported to law enforcement officials.

16. Time prohibits the webmaster from answering each email sent or answering in a timely manner.  Requests to add additional links to this website or requests to display certain art images are not being accepted.  Permission to use the art can't be granted since these images were purchased for use by the webmaster. Thank you for understanding.

17. The information on this page can change from time to time.  Please check back to read any changes.